Top 7 Restaurants in Cebu

What do I  look for in a restaurant in Cebu? When making this list for the top restaurants in Cebu I wanted to give a broad representation of the variety of restaurants for everyone’s taste. So I didn’t just rate it on the most expensive or exclusive restaurants, narrowing it down to just 7 was no easy task with so much to choose from, so in my opinion here is our list of top 7 Cebu restaurants. In no particular order…

Oh Georg!

Oh Georg! has two restaurants in Cebu (Ayala and Crossroads) serving up international and local Cuisine as well as some great desserts! More like a cafe than a restaurant, it does serve up some delicious meals although a little on the expensive side. The times I went there were quite busy, always a good sign if you’re not sure on a place. One of Cebu’s top restaurants and places to go and get a great meal.

La Tegola

This Italian restaurant has a few branches of restaurants in Cebu. They are located at Ayala, Salinas Drive Lahug, Busay Hills, Marina Mall in Lapu-Lapu and Banilad. We have tried the ones in Busay Hills, which mind you, has an awesome view overlooking  the city of Cebu. The Salinas Drive branch has a nice outdoor Italian courtyard. The food  here is great and offers some of the best Italian available in Cebu.


Cebuanos are famous meat lovers and Larsian is one of Cebu’s most popular barbecue eateries to hang out in. One huge area with many barbecue vendors all under the one roof in a food court set up. The place isn’t very aerated so you will be eating in a smoky environment. It’s quite large and gets noisy and crowded with customers. Cebuano’s are never one to waste their food and eat practically every part of the chicken and pig from intestines, liver, feet to parts of these animals we never knew existed. Seafood (squid and fish) are also available to eat. Located in Fuente Osmeña circle just next door to Chong Hua Hospital, surely Larsian is one where you will enjoy Cebuano culture and cuisine at a dirt cheap price!

Kiwi Lodge

This Cebu restaurant is one for those Aussies or Kiwis that miss their Sunday roast (Lamb, beef, pork and chicken) as well as meat pies (make sure to cover with heaps of sauce!) and other western dishes. This is a favourite hangout for expats and overseas tourists who have had enough of the rice! Located on the ground floor of the Kiwi Lodge not far from SM Shopping Mall.

Stk Ta Bai (STK Ta Bay)

A family house turned into a restaurant serving some great Filipino dishes (barbeque, grills and Seafood). It has a nice ambiance and is popular with locals (always a good sign). The homey atmosphere gives you a feeling you’re getting a home cooked meal and all for a reasonable price. Located in 6 Orchid St in Capitol, just around the corner from the Dynasty hotel. A great choice of restaurant in Cebu.

Krua Thai

Thai cuisine has to be one of the best tasting Asian dishes around , with its spices and exotic flavours. Krua Thai has a few  branches of its restaurants in Cebu…SM Shopping Mall, Mactan Marina Mall, Banilad Town Centre (BTC) and one on Ramos St near Diplomat hotel. Don’t expect spicy chilli burn your lips type food (the Filipinos enjoy their Thai rather mild), none the less the restaurants serve up some great tasting Thai food at good prices.

Family Choice Restaurant

Wondering where to eat in Cebu that won’t cost a fortune? Family Choice Restaurants offer a great variety of foods at a budget price. The food is served as a buffet and its eat all you can! Don’t expect a Marco Polo standard buffet, what you do get is simple value for money dishes. Family Choice Restaurant is located on Gorordo Ave right next door to West Gorordo Hotel.


Other great restaurants in Cebu in their own right….

For fine dining in Cebu you can’t go past Anzani Restaurant located in Nivel Hills, Lahug Cebu. The outside balcony offers some beautiful views. Mediterranean Cuisine including pizza, pasta, seafood and imported meats, also has a good selection of wines. For steaks you can’t go by David’s with their all you can eat promo meals. There are plenty of buffet restaurants in Cebu, other than Family Choice (as above) for affordable buffets you could choose the popular Joven’s which has a number of branches in town, Pino Filipino Cuisine Restaurant has the best Filipino dishes but with price just under P500 per person it’s not the most affordable. Marco Polo Cebu Hotel has one of the best buffets in Cebu, but again its not cheap. Port Restaurant at the front of the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug offers a popular buffet and attracts a lot of the IT Park call centre staff from across the road, they also offer a late night buffet to accommodate the 24 hour shift work of the call centres as well. For an affordable restaurant in Cebu with an awesome view Mr A Restaurant (Filipino cuisine) rates up there, it also has a cafe with balcony to enjoy coffees with great views overlooking Cebu City.

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