Talisay City

Talisay City is located just south of Cebu City. Popular mainly for some beach resorts as well as having Crocolandia.

Talisay Resorts

attractionsAccommodation is pretty limited to the beach resorts of Talisay City although the beaches here are not very good, they are close and easy accessible from Cebu City. Your best option is Villa Teresita.

Talisay Attractions

attractionsMost tourists come to enjoy the resorts, the other highlight are Crocolandia famous for its crocodiles and and small zoo. You can watch live feeding of the crocodiles on Sunday at 4 pm. St. Teresa Del Avila Parish built in 1836 is one of the oldest Parish Churches in the Philippines as well as Talisay Liberation Park – the place in which American forces during World War II to take back Cebu are worth a visit too.

Cebu Festivals


– On March 26 annually there is parade and re-enactment from the Armed Forces  to honor & remember the American & Filipino fallen soldiers during the liberation  of Cebu during World War II.

– 2nd Week of August Talisay City commemorates its Foundation day celebration every 16 August with a series of week-long cultural sports and other events.


Held 14th – 15th  October-  It is the traditional gesture of thanksgiving by the Talisaynons  to the cities patroness Sta. Teresa de Avila.  Parades, street dancing and food festival ( Talisays specialty lechon inasal roast pork being the feature star ).

Talisay Restaurants

attractionsBeing a city bordering Cebu City, Talisay has many choices including fast food restaurants.


Cebu to Talisay

attractionsJeepneys can be caught from Cebu City as well taxis being an easy option to get to Talisay City..


History of Talisay

mapFounded in 1648 as an estate owned by the Augustinians. In 1849, it was converted into a municipality with Silverio Fernandez as its first gobernadorcillo and Pedro Labuca as captain.
It is said that Talisay got its name from the Magtalisay trees which grow in the area, while others claim that Talisay got its name from a town in Spain.

The area served as the center of guerrilla intelligence operations for the Philippine resistance movement in Cebu during World War II. In March 1945 US forces with the help of Philippine and Cebuano guerrilas landed on the beaches of Talisay  eventually liberating Cebu from the Japanese.


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