Olango Island


Olango Island is a small island only 5kms away from Mactan Island. The main tourist attraction on the island is the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary, the island doesn’t offer that much else for the tourist.  Tamila Beach Villas resort offers accommodation and diving on the island if your looking for something more sedate than Mactan. 

Olango Island resorts

attractionsIf you want to stay in Olango Island you only have a choice of a few places on the island, the more up market being Tamila Beach Villas while there are cheaper options with Isla Bonita Inn and Shalala Resort.

Things to see and do on Olango Island

attractionsThe most popular tourist site on the island is the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Entry fee for foreigners 100 Peso, 20 P for local adults. Don’t forget your camera with a good zoom we recommend 300 mm + at least. There are nearly fees for everything you do here – 50 Peso fee for bird watching, 500 Peso fee for  commercial photography, 500 P for video fees, so bring some cash with you! This 920 hectare sanctuary is used by migratory  birds  as refueling station to and from Australia and China/Japan and Siberia. Northerly migration stop over is best viewed  February to April and the southerly migration September till November . There are 97 species of birds Among the frequent guests are Chinese Egrets, Asiatic Dowitchers, Eastern curlews, plovers, sanpipers,Black-tailed Godwit and Red Knot.

Scuba Diving can also be organised by Tamila beach Villas

Places to eat on Olango Island

attractionsYou will  most likely be eating at the resorts you stay at. Talima beach Villas as well as Isla Bonita Inn have their own restaurants.


Getting from  Cebu to Olango Island

transportOlango Island is only about 20 min boat ride from Mactan Island. There are 2 piers to catch boats, one being next to Mövenpick Resort (Old Hilton) and the other next to Portofino resort, pay around 15 Peso.


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