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  1. Matt says:


    Great website!!! I am thinking of coming in September how much rain should I expect. What do you recommend far as islands? I love adventure but my wife likes to party and relax on perfect beaches. Should I fly into manila or Cebu? I was thinking of borcay, Cebu and corron. With day trip for whale sharks, Chocolate hills and waterfalls any thoughts. Thank you sorry for all the questions.

    • Thanks. Well with weather you can never predict what it will be. Generally you can get some downpours for a couple hours or so and ok the rest of the day. If there is a low pressure system around you can expect days of rain. I’m more familiar with Cebu and surrounding island. Boracay offers nice beaches and places to party. Cebu is a bit more laid back, while you can party in Cebu City, it doesn’t have any nearby. The closest is Mactan Island and the best beaches there are the man made ones at the upmarket resorts there. The better beaches are located in Bantayan, Malapascua and Camotes – but you don’t have the places to party. If you do the Chocolate Hills, it would probably nice to stay a couple nights in Bohol at Alona Beach – plenty of places to stay there.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Rob, just to say how much I enjoyed your latest videos. I’ve just got back to UK after my latest trip to philippines. I went to Boracay (again haha) but this time added Dumaguete, Palawan (Puerto Princesa and El Nido) and Alona Beach Bohol to my trip. Really enjoyed them all , but what I really want to do is dump the big suitcase and try some of your island hopping around Cebu. I’d really like to visit Bantayan, Malapasqua and as many other islands as possible. Do you think it would be ok to start from Cebu City as would like to spend some more time there first. I think the journey north is quite a long way from the city so I would appreciate any suggestions re best way to travel ( bus, private van ?). Also can you advise whether it’s best to book hotels before arriving as I would really prefer to do it when there. I’d be grateful for any advice you can give me as well as any suggestions re itinerary Rob , as you are the number one Cebu expert. Thanks in advance, and please keep up the good work as there is so much info on vids .
    Thanks again , and best wishes

    • Hi Brian
      Sorry I have been on the road travelling.
      Yes starting from Cebu City is probably the best way to do it. There are flights to Palawan and Dumaguete from Cebu City. The best way to travel and quickest is by taxi. The guy I used this time was Boy 0923 643 4701 or 0939 0487 150 he was pretty good and reasonable prices. Booking hotels in advance isn’t really necessary. Generally only during holidays (such as Easter) I would book ahead. Only a few times have I come across fully booked hotels/resorts and there always has been an alternative place to book. If you want to do Bohol again, it’s easy enough to catch a ferry from Cebu City, there are plenty of ferries all day. To Bantayan and Malapascua you could do them both together. It is possible to travel by boat between the 2 (but I would only do this if the sea conditions are good) – which can be arranged when you are on the island. Otherwise, from Bantayan catch the ferry back to Hagnaya (Cebu mainland) and make your way to Maya port (where the boats leave for Malapascua). You would have to arrange a taxi to take you between the two. Public transport such as buses you may need to connect via Bogo – which is a bit of pain. If you wanted to do the Camotes Islands, on the way back from Malapascua it’s possible to stop at Danao pier and catch a ferry across. There are now fast craft from Camotes to Cebu City – so you could catch this on the way back.



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