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Moalboal – Cebu’s ultimate diving location

The actual place tourists head for is called Panagsama Beach which is a few kilometres from Moalboal town. This is where all the dive resorts, bars, accommodation and restaurants are located. There are numerous dive shops located in this town that sell and rent equipment, or if you’re not a diver already why not learn to dive as they offer reasonable priced PADI open water courses. Many divers are drawn to the area by Pescador (Spanish for fisherman) Island which provides one of the best dive sites in the country. Its reefs and caverns around the island provide a haven for all types of marine life and tropical corals. Some of the more popular dive spots are Pescador Cathedral, a beautiful cavern that descends to 35 meters. Sunken Treasure is a famous area to see schools of fish like tuna and barracuda. If you can’t dive like myself, the snorkelling in Moalboal is excellent.  Only a couple hundred meters offshore there are plenty of places to see corals and different types of fish. Turtles too are pretty common to see as well (see video).

I use John (cell 09 354 811457) a tricycle driver for transport and organising motorbike rental as well as transfer back to Cebu City.

Here are a number of dive shops websites they provide some better information on diving in Moalboal as well as prices.


Moalboal Resorts

Accommodation in Moalboal generally ranges from cheap (backpackers) to more mid ranged resorts. Don’t expect any luxury resorts here. Mostly they are pretty simple accommodation. Some of the resorts have swimming pool. The best value is around Panagsama Beach area and here you will find many resorts/hotels competing for your tourist dollar.  You can walk this area from one side to the other, so you can check out what suites you most. The so called beach resorts don’t really have much of a beach as Panagsama lost most of its sand from a typhoon back in the 1980s. The other area of Moalboal to find accommodation is about 8 kms north of Panagsama at an area called White Beach.  This beach, as the name implies has white sand unlike Panagsama Beach. The resorts tend to be a little more expensive here (with a couple exceptions) and are spread more out in this area. Most of these resorts in White Beach are all inclusive where they have their own dive shops, restaurant etc. Some of the newer resorts in this area don’t have sandy beaches.  For more details on Moalboal resorts check the list below.


Pacita’s Beach Resort

Sumisid Lodge Moalboal

Ravenala Beach Bungalows

Magic’s Place Moalboal

Blue Orchid Resort Moalboal

—–>See All

Moalboal Attractions

For ideas on the best things to do and see in Cebu please watch my video below.

If you’re coming to Moalboal your most likely here for the diving, it one of Cebu’s premier diving locations and is internationally recognised. There are still plenty of other things to do around Moalboal. Beach lovers can still enjoy white sand beaches just a few kms north of Panagsama Beach at White Beach. 10 Minutes away in Moalboal town you can visit the Orchid farm which is one of the biggest orchid displays in South East Asia. The other main attraction is Kawasan Falls (10 P entrance) one of Cebu’s best waterfalls, the pool under the falls makes for a refreshing swim an escape from the tropical heat. Cottages can be rented and there is a small restaurant serving food. Rooms can be also rented overnight. There are a 3 levels to the falls make sure to experience them all! The other waterfall in the area is Mantayupan Falls (20 P entrance), located in the opposite direction near Barili. Planet Action (part of Tipolo Beach Resort in Panagsama Beach) offers adventure tours in the area such as canyoning, riving climbing and horseback riding. For more details you can visit their website


How to get to Moalboal

The easiest and most convenient way to get to Moalboal from Cebu City is with a taxi. Expect to pay around 2000 PHP one day. The journey time is around 2 -2 ½ hours. V-hire vans run regularly from Citilink Terminal in downtown Cebu (practically next door to the Southern Bus Terminal). Taxis will know the place. See video. The cheapest way is to catch a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal, again they run nearly every 30 minutes and have both air-conditioned and regular buses. The cost is around 95 PHP  for regular and about 120 PHP for air con.



This fiesta takes place from May 15th – 16th in honour of the Patron Saint, San Juan Nepomuceno. Dancers are dressed in costumes that are inspired by corals from the ocean. They dance to the beat of the song  “Kagasangan,”


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