Liloan (South Cebu)

Liloan is about 135 km south of Cebu City on the very bottom tip of Cebu. Most popular with divers for the excellent diving opportunities (it is easy to reach the dive spots around Apo Island as well). It is also a port for connections to Negros Oriental (Sibulan) around 25 minute boat road and then it’s just a quick ride to Dumaguete.

Resorts in Liloan

Liloan is home to some great resorts in Cebu and is a popular place for divers including the newly renovated Noblesse Resort.

Marine Village Dive House

Pebbles Beach Resort

Eden Resort

Bonga Villa Beach Resort


Things To See and Do


Rosquillos Festival – The making of these little ringlet cookies

Places To Eat

Restaurants and places to eat are rather limited to the resorts that you stay in.

How To Get Here

From Cebu City’s southern bus station there are regular buses (catch the bus with Bato sign) it takes approx. 3 ½ hours air con bus 170PHP


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