Liloan (North Cebu)

Liloan (Alternate spelling: Lilo-an) is a municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It has a population of 92,181 (2007 census).

It is bounded on the north and northwest by the municipality of Compostela, on the south and southwest by the municipality of Consolacion and on the east by Camotes Sea. Liloan forms part of the area of Metro Cebu.

Liloan Resorts

attractionsJust north of the city, Liloan does have a few beach resorts that are popular with locals especially on the weekend. Most rent out cottages for the day and enjoy the beach. The beaches here are nothing too crash hot and if you have travelled thousands of miles to see  a tropical beach in Cebu, this isn’t the place to be stopping!

Things To See and Do

attractionsThe Bagacay Point Lighthouse – The lighthouse is one of the oldest structures in the province.
Bantayan Sa Hari – Overlooking the Mactan Channel is the Bantayan Sa Hari or a watchtower.
San Fernando Rey Parish Church – Liloan church is considered one of the oldest walled roofed structures in Cebu.

Cebu Festivals

Rosquillos Festival – named after the famous cookies (a round cookie with  flower-like edges and has a  hole in the middle.)The making of these little ringlet cookies dates back to 1907. You can pick up these cookies at stores around Cebu (if you’re catching a bus futher north you will probably get the chance at the break stop near Carmen).

Places to eat In Liloan

attractionsLiloan has some eateries along the Hi-way selling mostly barbeque street food. The weekends the Hi-way is full of lechon pig and chicken (taking advantage of the thousands of locals that travel to the beaches during this time) Liloan also has a branch of Jollibee.

Cebu to Liloan

transportBuses from the nothern bus station all pass through Liloan as well as many jeepneys from Cebu City make the run to Liloan.


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