Danao City

Danao City is a located approx 33 km north of Cebu City. 

Accommodation and resorts in Danao

attractionsDanao has the choice of beach resorts or a water park – Intosan Resort and water Park!

Things to see and do in Danao

attractionsMost locals come for the beaches and are packed during the weekend. The beaches are not really very good but the locals don’t seem to mind, they are just enjoy the fun and family bonding! St Tomas de Villanueva Church originally built in 1755 is probably the highlight of the town, well worth the visit. Danao offers an alternative to getting to Camotes Island, Super Shuttle Ferries depart from Danao daily to Consuelo and Poro both in the Camotes Islands. These boats are large enough to carry cars. For those budding golfers Danao also has a 18 hole, par 72  golf course just outside of town (Club Filipino Golf and Country Club – tel 231 1676). The seaside fishing town is more famous for its gun making than its fishing and is the gun making capital of Cebu. The industry started way back in 1907 and still thrives today.


Karansa Festival
Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of September (Danao City) in honor of the cities patron saint Sto. Tomas de Villanueva. The name Karansa comes from the dance which consists of 4 moves; the Kiay, the Karag, the Kurug and Kurahay all to the movement of the Karansa beat. Enjoy!

Places to eat in Danao

attractionsDanao has some local cuisine restaurants and a Jollibee, every  Pinoy’s favourite fast food chain!

How to get to Danao

transportDanao City can be reached by public buses or V-Hires (vans) from the Cebu North Terminal in Cebu City with an estimated travel time of about 1 1/2 hour.

Motorized tricycles and pedicabs are the means of transportation within the city. Public transports coming in and out of Danao City are mostly passenger jeepneys with the route Danao-Cebu. There are also passenger buses that also pass by Danao on the way to the northern towns from Cebu City and vice-versa.


mapThere is no concrete record to support the story on how Danao got its name. Although in the 1960s there were circularized copies of a story concerning the early founding of Danao, but the contents and substance were but clear reproduction of an old legendary version which related of a Spanish Captain by the name of Manuel Aniceto del Rosario who, as the story went, was commissioned by the early Spanish authorities in the province of Cebu to establish municipalities starting from what is now Danao City towards the northern part of Cebu as far as what is now presently the municipality of Borbon.


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