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Resorts and Accommodation in Dalaguete

Dalaguete has a number of resorts to stay at, before you enter Dalaguete there is the Rock Walled Resort set on a cliff that is popular with locals. Next door to this resort is the newly built Dakong Bato Beach Resort. The other resorts in Dalaguete are located on the other side of town, Ocean Bay and Just Inn (now called BB’s) . For more details on these resorts in Dalaguete see below. In town there is Kyleville Resort (tel 032 484 8950) rooms start from around 1000PHP, it also has a swimming pool – day use for adult 100 PHP and child 50 PHP. A a couple blocks behind here also in Dalaguete the Pink House Pension (cell 0923 6000 400) rooms starting from around 800PHP.

Tourist spots in Dalaguete

Dalaguete is a nice little town in Cebu’s south, about two hours from Cebu City. It’s in a great location for anyone looking for adventure. Osmeña Peak at just over 1 thousand metres above sea level is the tallest peak in Cebu. Osmeña Peak is part of the jagged like Mantalungon range that forms part of Cebu’s “vegetable basket” area. Here, due to the cooler climate of the mountains they can grow crops such as cabbage and carrots that usually don’t grow well in the tropics. For hikers, Osmeña Peak provides breathtaking 360 degree panoramic views, to one side you can see out to Bohol, the other Negros. Badian Island can clearly be seen from the peak as well. I hiked up at the end of February and we experienced mist of clouds rolling over the ranges, something reminiscent of the Scottish highlands. Clearly if you tried this in the wetter months (as it’s in  the open) you would be at the mercy of the elements. The drier months of the year (late Feb to end of April) would be a better time to attempt the hike.
To get to Osmeña Peak there are a number of ways to do it:
Hire a habal- habal. On the intersection (arriving into Dalaguete town) turning right to Mantalungon there are a group of habal- habal riders who can take you to the base of Osmeña (approx. 300 P return). I used a habal habal driver by the name of Ray (mobile 09 06468 5694) or you could hire them as far as Mantalungon (a town on the way to the peak for around 50 P) and hike the rest of the way (approx. 2 hours) or hire another bike to take you the rest of the way (20-30 mins).
Hire a motorbike yourself.  Ocean Bay Resort rents motorbikes for around 250 P per day (or if this is not available, the owner of the German Beer Garden Restaurant (in Dalaguete town) rents out a brand new bike but you pay more (500 P for 24 hours). Most of the road going to Osmeña Peak is sealed except when your nearing the peak itself and the road is a bit rough so take it easy especially if wet. The sign-age isn’t the best, but the locals will point out the direction (most of the time you will find yourself turning left). Eventually you will come to a dead end with a couple stores, this is where you have to walk the rest of the way (around 20 mins to the peak ). There is always a willing local to lead you to the summit (they will expect a tip at the end). The walk will take you on a trail around the vegetable fields and it’s probably a good thing to have good walking shoes, although we did it in slippers it’s not recommended! There is supposedly a 20 P fee but there was no one around both times I have gone. But I didn’t go on the weekend or on a public holiday. It’s possible to hike down the other side to Kawasan Falls (around 6 hours or so).
From Cebu City you can catch the bus from the Southern bus terminal to Bato (see how to get to Dalaguete below) or there is a mini bus that leaves from Caltex gas station near Carbon Market that will take you directly to Mantalongon Public Market.
The whale sharks of Oslob are only 1 hour drive from Dalaguete, so if you’re thinking of going to Oslob, Dalaguete could be a good place to stay overnight.

Obong Spring provides some refreshing cool water to escape the heat of Cebu. Popular on the weekends.
Dalaguete Church – San Guillermo de Aquitania Church (St. William de Aquitane Parish). Built in the early 1800’s the church actually served also as a fortification against Moro attacks.

There is also a museum in town as well Archbishop Manuel Salvador Museum.  If you are looking for a beach there is the Dalaguete Beach Park. I haven’t visited these places but you can read more about them at the Dalaguete Government website.


Utanon Festival
The feast of San Guillermo is celebrated every 9th and 10th day of February.
Utanon Festival. It is a festival of music and dance in thanksgiving for the graces received.
-Its abundance in “utanon” or vegetables.

People Who’ve Been Here

Places To Eat

The German Beer Garden serves up some decent food. You may also want to try Ocean Bay Resort for their restaurant..


How To Get Here

transportCatch the bus from the Southern Bus Terminal (regular approx 101 P, aircon 105 P), around 2 hours.


map“COMO SE LLAMA ESTE LUGAR?” or “What’s the name of this place?” asked, according to the folklore, a group of curious Spanish soldiers who first chanced upon some women washing clothes where grew giant dalakit trees, who replied, “Dalakit, Dalakit.” Thus was christened this municipality of Dalaguete. As to the establishment of centuries – old buildings and structures here, dates maybe perceived indelibly etched on their facades and walls.


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