Daanbantayan is approx 130 km north of Cebu City on Cebu’s northern tip.


Daanbantayan Resorts

Daanbayantan has a number of beach resorts to relax and undwind.

Virgin Beach Resort

Skip’s Beach Resort & KTV

Monsanto Island Resort

Rock Beach Resort


Things to see and do

Apart from the beach resorts in Daanbantayan and the festival in August there is not a lot else for the tourist, its more a stop off point on your way to Malapascua Island.


Cebu Festivals

Daanbantayan holds the Haladaya Festival, the biggest festival in the north of Cebu, colourful costumes and huge mardi gras parade highlight the celebration. Held on the 30th August and coincidences with the towns feast of St. Rose of Lima the town’s patron saint.


Cebu to Daanbantayan

Cebu AutoBus and Ceres Liner Buses to Daanbantayan and Maya are available at the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City. At the public market of Daanbantayan, it is possible to hire trisikad (the local version of a taxi) for transportation to one of the local beach resorts. Some of the resorts are just off the highway so check with the bus and they may be able to drop you off in front of your resort.


History of Daanbantayan

The name Daanbantayan was derived from two words: the word “Daan” (which means “old” in the Cebuano language, and the word “Bantayan” which refers to a place that served as a “look-out-station” for Moro raiders before the Spaniards obtained control. The original site of the town might have been located at an elevated vantage point near Punta which is situated near Tapilon. Some older maps and publications use both words independently from one another, as “Daan Bantayan”.


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