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  • Cebu Tops Road, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Tops Lookout Video Guide

Atop of the Nivel Hills overlooking Cebu City is Tops Lookout. Offering a beautiful panoramic view of Cebu City and the surrounding islands (Mactan Island and Olango). At a height of 610 metres it’s a great place to visit at sunset and watch Cebu City lights come alive. Not only that it offers an escape from the city noise, pollution and heat. At night it can get quiet cool up there and you may need a jacket. It’s also a nice place for a date, if you planning on doing something romantic in Cebu. There are a few stalls up there selling snack foods and drinks. On the way up to Tops there are a number of restaurants (Lantaw, La Tegola and Mr A) you can stop at and have a nice meal with beautiful views of Cebu City. If you plan to stop at one of these restaurants on your way to Tops Lookout or back you will need to organise this into the taxi price as the drivers will want more money to do this. You can also check out Mountain View a nice park area.

To get to Tops you can hire a taxi for around 1000 Peso including waiting time. You can also hire motorbike at JY Mall for about 150 -200 P (depending on your negotiation skills) including waiting time. Most will want to wait around an hour, which is plenty of time.  There are jeepneys as well, but they stop around half a km away from the top and it’s a steep climb from there.

Entrance Fee to Tops Lookout is 100 P per head.

If you are looking for more great things to do in Cebu, check out my video below on the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Cebu.



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