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Fort San Pedro in Cebu

Fort San Pedro

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  • Downtown Cebu, Plaza Independincia
  • (63 32) 256 2284

One of the top tourist attractions in Cebu – Fort San Pedro Video Guide

Fort San Pedro was built in 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and named after his ship that he sailed across the Pacific in. The fort was built to keep out pirates of the day. Construction started 11 days after his arrival into Cebu. Originally built from wood and mud it was later upgraded to stone and corals. It’s the Philippine’s oldest (and smallest) triangular bastion. Two walls face the ocean, while the third faces inland. The walls themselves are 6.1 metres high and 2.4 thick. It has 15 cannons including the one at the front.  Over the years it has been used as a barracks by the Americans in the early 1900’s, a school (1937 – 1941), during the rest of World War II (from 1942 – 1945) it was used as a refuge for Japanese residents and then later as a hospital for wounded Japanese soldiers. It has been a city park and also for a time was home for a zoo. For more information on its history you can read more at Wikipidia. Now the fort is managed by the City of Cebu.  There is a small museum with paintings, photos and artefacts from not only Cebu but the Philippines as well. If you take one of the guides they will explain the significance and history of these painting and pictures. Tourists now can enjoy a garden in the inner courtyard while escaping from Cebu’s tropical heat. They also hire Fort San Pedro for weddings receptions and other functions.

Some damaged was sustained in the 2013 (originating in Bohol), and during 2014 there was some repair work going on.

I recommend taking one of the guides (which I organised at the front desk when I arrived) as they give a great insight to the history of Fort San Pedro, but also the history of Cebu in general. I’m not sure if this service is available all of the time. I really found it interesting and well worth visiting. What I didn’t expect to learn is that Fort San Pedro may be haunted! There have been a lot of deaths (especially during World War II) over the years and as such bodies have been buried into the construction of the walls. There is also a chamber that contains human bones! (See video for more details). It all makes for some unrested souls if you believe in stuff like that.

Located in the down town area of Cebu, the fort is one of Cebu’s top tourist attractions. To get to the fort I took a taxi from Ayala Shopping Mall and it cost around 100 Peso. I’ve actually walked from Colon St and from the Balisica Del Santo Nino on different occasions, so it’s pretty easy to get to from the down town area. Once you get to Plaza Independencia, it’s just behind that.

Please check out the video for more details on Fort San Pedro.



Entrance Fees to Fort San Pedro:

30.00 P Adult

24.00 P Senior Citizen (I.D required)

20.00 P Students (I.D required) and children
Phone: (63 32) 256 2284

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