Lemon Grass Restaurant



Lemon Grass Restaurant

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  • Level 1, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu
  • (63 32) 233-8601

Lemon Grass Restaurant in Ayala offers a mix of Thai and Vietnamese Cuisine. A popular place over the years and has some pretty nice tasting food.

Appetizers include fresh spring rolls, green papaya salads and Thai beef salads.

Soups include traditional Vietnamese Beef soups or Thai spicy baby prawn and lemongrass soup.

Mains included Pad Thai, curries (red and green) as well as Thai stir fries.

Don’t forget to try their specialty Citrus and Herb Lemonade that really works a treat in the hot tropics.


Ayala Terraces also has another great Thai Restaurant just across the garden at Siam Thai


Business Hours: 11am -2pm/5pm -10 pm
Cuisine: Thai
Delivers: No 

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Town/City: Cebu City

Wifi: Yes

Wifi is Free: Yes

Swimming Pool: Yes

Franchise or Chain: Yes

Free Breakfast: Yes

Cuisine: Thai

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