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  • Fuente Osmeña

Larsian is and old time favourite BBQ restaurant in Cebu City.  It is located in Fuente Osmeña next to Robinson Cybergate Shopping Mall and Chong Hau Hospital in the uptown area of Cebu. The place is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Last time I was in Cebu, the place was closed for renovations. They removed  part of the roof allowing the place to get some much needed ventilation from the smoke caused from barbequing of the food. Before when you ate, you would have to so in a smoky haze.  Thankfully it’s a lot better, although there is still some smoke it’s nowhere near as bad.  The complex is basically and open air restaurant that you pick your food at a stall and they cook it up and serve it to your table. The foods come in all sorts of cuts of meat, from chicken breast, intestines, liver, sausages, port, squid and fish. Accompanied by some hanging rice which is basically steamed rice that is wrapped in weaved coconut palms (see video). It is locally known as puso and only costs 3 Peso per piece. There are no knives, spoons or forks so the way the locals eat is by using plastic gloves.  Mix this with a cold beer or soft drink and some good company!

The best way to enjoy Larsian is with a group of friends or family and this is how the locals enjoy eating here. Ask any Cebuano to recommend a good place to eat; Larsian will be one of the top responses. It’s easy to see why, the food tastes great, the atmosphere is good (although it can get a bit noisy with the crowds) and everyone seems to enjoy the company of friends and food. One of the great things about Larsian is it’s so affordable, you’re never going to break the budget and must be one of the best value places to eat in Cebu.  The prices start from about 5 Peso for simple pieces of meat on a skewer to around 60 Peso for BBQ chicken breast (see video for the prices).


My review of Larsian

As a foreigner I’m a bit hesitant to eat street food too much as I have the tendency of getting sick. Nothing spoils a holiday more than getting food poisoning or gastro. Larsian is a place where I haven’t had an issue (well yet – I’ve eaten here a number of times). Just make sure the meat is cooked well and you should be fine. Another thing is from all my time travelling different parts of the world, when you’re in a foreign place and you don’t know where to eat, it’s always a good idea to follow what the locals do. A savvy traveller observes where the locals head, not what they read in guidebooks. It’s pretty much a set if you see a restaurant crowded with locals. It’s a good sign the food is great (although I noticed this isn’t true in the case of fast food in the Philippines!).

Overall I think Larsian is a great restaurant in Cebu and I recommend checking out if you love BBQ food and don’t want to pay and arm and leg for it. I’m not too keen on all the different cuts of meat; intestines and liver aren’t my cup of tea, but the chicken breasts and seafood are! Cebuanos don’t waste any part of the animal! As I wrote before it’s more fun enjoyed with a crowd as its truly a laid back join and you see plenty of families and friends all hanging out here. Try Larsian out when you’re in Cebu I’m sure you’ll love the food.


Business Hours: 24 hours 7 days a week

Delivers: No


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