Oscar’s Restaurant and Pub Malapascua



Oscar’s Restaurant and Pub Malapascua

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Oscar’s Malapascua is an open air restaurant above Thresher Shark Divers shop located right on Bounty Beach. The restaurant serves up some great international cuisine as well as some staple British food (Bangers and Mash or fish and chips). Open for some hearty British Breakfast meals as well.

The Pub, based on a British style pub is a friendly place to meet other travelers/divers on the island. As well as serving local beers the pub also stocks Guinness, Boddington’s, Strongbow Cider to name a few.

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Town/City: Malapascua Island

Wifi: Yes

Wifi is Free: Yes

Swimming Pool: Yes

Franchise or Chain: Yes

Free Breakfast: Yes

Cuisine: International

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