Lite Shipping Corporation



Lite Shipping Corporation

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Lite Shipping Corporate has booking offices at

RB Shipping Agency
62 Colon Street, Cebu City
Tel. No. 254-9761
Fax. No. 256-2862

Mail & More
2nd Level Paseo Marina Ayala Center, Cebu City
Tel. No. 234-0765
Telefax No. 233-3296

Lite Shipping Schedule:

Cebu to Tagbilaran (Bohol)

Daily Dep (Cebu) 10.00 pm   Arr (Tagbilaran) 3.00 am (next day)

Daily Dep (Cebu) 12.30pm   Arr (Tagbilaran) 5.30 pm


Cebu to Tubigon (Bohol)

1. Daily Dep (Cebu) 7.00am       Arr (Tubigon) 9.00am

2. Daily Dep (Cebu) 7.00 pm     Arr (Tubigon) 9.00pm

3. Daily Dep (Cebu) 12.00mn     Arri (Tubigon) 2.30am


Cebu to Ormoc (Leyte)

Daily Dep (Cebu) 11.00pm    Arr (Ormoc) 3.00am

Expect Fridays


Argao (Cebu)  to Loon(Bohol)

Tues – Sat

1.                 Dep (Argao) 4.00am       Arr (Loon) 6.00am

2.                 Dep (Argao) 8.00am       Arr (Loon) 10.00am

3.                 Dep (Argao) 12.00 noon  Arr (Loon) 4.00pm

Sun – Mon

1.                 Dep (Argao) 7.00am       Arr (Loon)  9.00am

2                  Dep (Argao) 11.00          Arr (Loon)  1.00pm



Toledo (Cebu) to San Carlos (Negros)


1. Dep (Toledo) 7.30am     Arr (San Carlos) 9.15am

2. Dep (Toledo) 1.00pm     Arr (San Carlos) 2.45pm

3. Dep (Toledo) 6.00pm     Arr (San Carlos) 7.45pm


Lite Shipping Schedule to change without notice


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Town/City: Cebu City

Wifi: Not Specified

Wifi is Free: Not Specified

Swimming Pool: Not Specified

Franchise or Chain: Not Specified

Free Breakfast: Not Specified

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