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Restaurants in Cebu

If you’re looking for a place to eat, Cebu restaurants are never hard to find. The majority of restaurants in Cebu are located at Ayala Mall, SM, IT Park, Crossroads and around Mango area. Fast food chains, fine dining and sumptuous buffets are widely abundant in the city. Choose from seafood, Thai, Korean to many international cuisines, you’ll never go hungry here.

For fine dining or some of the best restaurants in Cebu you may want to try Anzani in the Nivel Hills, although pricey have nice views from the balcony good food and nice wine selection. Tinderbox (in Banilad) – they have a casual dining area and deli as well as restaurant upstairs. Great selection of wines and imported foods in the deli. Again pricey. Canvas Bistro (at Ayala Terraces) has some great Australian food with a casual feel to the place. For Mexican Maya (at the Crossroads) is pretty good, Giuseppe’s (in Banilad) and La Tegola (the branch in Nivel Hills has awesome views of the city) and La Gondola (in the Waterfront’s “The Gourmet Walk”) serve up good Italian, The Gustavian has some nice food (although pricey), David’s (opposite Sarrosa Hotel in Mabolo) for meat lovers, Oyster Bay (in Mandaue) for some good seafood. A Cafe great casual dining (at the Crossroads, Banilad). STK ta Bay (in Capitol) is one of the better local cuisine restaurants in Cebu.

For buffets in Cebu, there are plenty of options. For the high end there is the always popular Cebu Marco Polo (with choices of Asian, local and other international food), Radisson Blu Hotel has great buffets as well. For Japanese food there is the buffet at Mikado (close to Ayala), the best Pinoy buffet being at Pino (in Lahug). The Port Restaurant in front of the Waterfront serves a “semi” seafood buffet. For more budget friendly buffets try Family Choice (2 branches, one in Banilad and the other on Gorordo Ave, next door to West Gorordo Hotel), the huge Royal Concourse buffet restaurant (along Gorordo Ave as well) and Tongs (diagonally opposite Sarrosa Hotel) all offer good budget value for money buffets.

Visit our a directory of restaurants in Cebu for more details.

For help in choosing a restaurant in Cebu check out our top 7 restaurants in Cebu, you’re sure to find a restaurant that suites your budget and taste. Below is a list of restaurants in Cebu, complete with contact details and photos.

Kiwi Lodge Restaurant

Maya Cebu

David’s Restaurant Cebu

Rai Rai Ken

Spice Fusion Cebu

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How to get to Cebu

transportCebu city is only a 30 minute ride from Mactan International Airport. One may take a taxi cab found at the taxi bay area just outside the domestic terminal (coming out of the international terminal you just need to cross the road and go up the stairs) make sure to take one of the white taxi forms so they don’t overcharge you! Some hotels offer their own pick up transfer service from the airport to their hotel – check with the hotel your staying at.

International flights to Cebu:

A number of international carriers fly direct into Cebu, these include Cathay Pacific (from Hong Kong),Silk Air (from Singapore) daily , flight time 3 hours 40 mins or 5 hours 30 mins with the flight via Davao, Korea Air daily (from Seoul) , Air Phil Express flies daily from Hong Kong. Philippine Airlinesflies daily direct flights from Hong Kong, Seoul (daily until 16 Sept 2011 then 4 days weekly) and Tokyo (5 times weekly increasing to 6 times weekly from 01 Nov 2011) to Cebu International Airport. Cebu’s own flag carrier Cebu Pacific (direct flights to Seoul (6 times weekly)/Busan (4 times weekly) in Korea, Hong Kong (daily) and Singapore (daily) ). From 6th September 2011 Tiger Airways will be flying direct Singapore to Cebu 4 times weekly increasing to daily flights in October 2011. Domestically Cebu is approx 1hour 20 minutes flight from Manila which has more international connections from Europe, Asia and North America.

Domestic flights to Cebu:

Manila (Luzon) Philippine Airlines airlines flies daily up to 8 flights depending on the day (dep Manila 5.00am/7.00am/9.00am/12.45pm/1.45pm/3.30pm/6.30pm or 7.05pm/8.30pm). Cebu Pacificflies daily 10 times ( dep Manila 04.40am/6.35am/8.00am/10.10am/12.15pm/1.55pm/3.50pm/5.40pm/9.15pm/9.30pm) Air Phil Express 5 times daily ( dep Manila 4.15am/7.35am/9.40am/3.20pm/9.00pm). Zest Air 4 times daily (4.05am/9.00am/2.50pm/7.20pm) 5 times Saturday.

Bacolod (Negros) Approx 50 minutes. Philippine Airlines flies twice daily (dep Bacolod 8.20am/5.30pm) – Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express. Cebu Pacific 2 flights daily (dep Bacolod 9.30am/5.40pm)

Butuan (Mindanao) Approx 40 minutes. Cebu Pacific flies daily (dep Butuan 2.35 pm)

Caticlan (Boracay) Approx 1 hour. Philippine Airlines flies daily (dep Caticlan 11.00am) – Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express. Cebu Pacific  daily flights weekday (11.40am) and 2 daily on the weekend (7.00am/11.40am)

Cagayan De Oro (Mindanao) Approx 1 hour. Philippine Airlines flies twice daily (dep Cagayan De Oro 12.50pm/3.20pm) -Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express. Cebu Pacific 3 times daily (6.40 am/2.20pm/7.45pm)

Clark (Luzon) Approx 1hour 20 mins. Cebu Pacific flies 3 times weekly (dep Clark 8.30pm)

Davao (Mindanao) Approx 1 hour. Cebu Pacific Airlines flies 3 times daily (dep Davao / 8.30am/9.40am/5.10pm) except 4 times daily Monday and Friday (dep Davao  8.30am/9.40am/3.30pm/5.10pm)

Dipolog (Mindanao) Approx 45 mins. Cebu Pacific Airlines flies 4 times weekly (dep Dipolog 2.15pm)

Dumaguete (Negros) Approx 45 mins. Cebu Pacific Airlines flies daily (dep Dumagute 7.25am)

General Santos (Mindanao) Approx 1hour 5 mins. Cebu Pacific Airlines flies 3 times weekly (dep General Santos 11.35am)

Iloilo(Mindanao) Approx 45 mins. Philippine Airlines flies twice daily (dep Iloilo 6.15am/3.05pm) – Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express. Cebu Pacific Airlines 3 times daily (dep Iloilo 9.05am/3.25pm/7.00pm)

Legazpi (Bicol, Luzon) Approx 1 hour 5 mins. Cebu Pacific Airlines flies 3 times a week (dep Legazpi 2.35pm)

Ozamiz (Mindanao) Approx 1 hour. Philippine Airlines flies daily (dep Ozamiz 12.50 pm) – Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express.Cebu Pacific Airlines 5 days a week (dep Ozamiz 12.40pm or 7am)

Pagadian (Mindanao) Approx 55 mins. Cebu Pacific flies 4 days weekly (dep Pagadian 12.50pm)

Puerto Princesa (Palawan) Approx 1 hour 10 mins. Cebu Pacific flies 4 times weekly (dep Puerto Princesa 11.40am)

Siargao (Mindanao) Approx 45 mins. Cebu Pacific flies twice weekly (dep Siargao 11.50 am)

Surigao (Mindanao) Approx 40 mins. Cebu Pacific flies 5 times weekly ( dep Suriagao 11.45am)

Tacloban (Leyte) Approx 40 mins. Philippine Airlines flies daily (dep Tacloban 5.10pm) – Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express. Cebu Pacific daily  (dep Tacloban 4.40pm)

Zamboanga (Mindanao) Approx 1 hour 10 mins. Philippine Airlines (dep Zamboanga 10am) – Codeshare flight with AirPhil Express. Cebu Pacific (dep Zamboanga (9.45 am or 11.00am )

Santa Fe (Bantayan Island ) Approx 30 Mins. Mid Sea Express (Dep Santa Fe 12.30pm) flies 4  times weekly

Camiguin Island Approx 45 Mins Mid Sea Express ( Dep Camiguin Island 10am) flies 3 times weekly direct service, via Tagbilaran twice weekly approx 2 hours (dep Camiguin Island 3 pm)

Check with airlines for latest Schedules and times.


Boats and ferries to Cebu:
Cebu is a major port city and has lots of connections via boat to many cities around the Philippines. Ferry companies are notorious for changing times and delays, not only that, bad weather (especially in the wet season) can cause delays or cancellations, we recommend calling or checking ahead with the ferry company. A lot of the major ferry companies are moving over to e ticketing so you can purchase and issue your tickets online. Tickets can also be purchased at the pier, for Superferry/Cebuferrries/Supercat tickets can also be purchased at 2Go on the lower floor of SM. In the low season, companies regulary offer promo or discounted fares, some need to be booked and paid in advance. They can save considerable money so its worth your while doing your homework and checking these fares out well in advance.

Manila: Approx 24 -26 hours Superferry 4 days weekly.

Butuan (Mindanao) : Approx 9 hours Superferry 4 days weekly (Cebuferries and Supercat)

Cagayan De Oro (Mindanao) : Approx 9 hours Superferry 4 days weekly (Cebuferries and Supercat),Gothong Southern 3 times weekly, TransAsia Shipping daily,

Dapitan (Mindanao):  Approx 5 hours 40 mins once daily Oceanjet

Dumaguete Approx  3 hours 40 mins twice daily Oceanjet,

Iligan (Mindanao): Approx 14 hours Cebuferries 2 times weekly

Iloilo (Mindanao): Approx 15 and half hours TransAsia Shipping 6 days weekly.

Masbate : Approx 13 hours TransAsia Shipping 3 days weekly.

Ormoc City (Leyte): Approx 2 hours 20 mins Supercat 3 times daily, approx 4 hours Cebuferries 5 days weekly, Weesamexpress (tel 032 412 9562/231 7737)  2 times daily (dep Ormoc 8.00am/1.30pm) 3 times daily on Friday/Sunday (extra service dep Ormoc 7 pm – dep Cebu Sat/Mon 5.30am)

Ozamis (Mindanao): Approx 10 hours, TransAsia Shipping 3 times weekly,

Siquijor: Approx 5 hours once daily Oceanjet

Surigao (MIndanao):  Approx 7 hours Cebuferries 2 times weekly

Tagbilaran (Bohol): Approx 1 hour 45 mins Supercat 3 times daily, Oceanjet 5 times daily, Weesam Express (tel 032 412 9562/231 7737) 3 times daily (dep Tagbilaran 7.00am/11.20am/4.30pm  – dep Cebu 9.00am/2.00pm/6.30pm). Approx 4 and half hours TransAsia Shipping once a week.


Check with ferry companies for latest Schedules and times.


History of Cebu

mapOn April 7, 1521, Portuguese explorer (under the Spanish flag) Ferdinand Magellan arrived in Cebu. He was greeted by the king of Cebu, Rajah Humabon. The king and his wife and about 700 natives were converted into Catholicism on April 14, 1521. Magellan was killed by Lapu-Lapu a king of the neigbouring island of Mactan (April 27th). This event stopped the Spanish from claiming the island of Cebu for the crown of Spain. It wasn’t until 40 years later on April 27, 1565, Spain colonized the area with the arrival of Spanish explorers led by Miguel López de Legazpi, together with Augustinian friar Andrés de Urdaneta arrived in Cebu. The Spaniards established settlements and renamed the city on January 1, 1571, from San Miguel (Saint Michael) to Villa del Santísimo Nombre de Jesús (Village of the Most Holy Name of Jesus). Cebu City became the capital of the Spanish East Indies. during this time. In 1898, the city was given over to the United States after the Spanish-American War. In 1901, the city was governed by the United States for a short period but in 1936 it was given the status of a city and a Filipino government. Following the end of the Japanese occupation in World War II, the city gained independence from colonial rule in 1946 as part of the Republic of the Philippines.



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