Catmon is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. It has  a population of 27,330 (2007 census)

The town is bounded on the north by the municipality of Sogod, on the west by the municipality of Tuburan, on the south by the city of Carmen and on the east by Camotes Sea.

Resorts in Cebu (Catmon)

Catmon offers the tourist some basic beach resorts, more aimed at the local crowd that flock to here on the weekends. The resorts are more for day use rather than overnight stay. Las Flores is the only decent place to stay in this area.

Things to see and do

* Catmondaan “BANTAYAN SA HARI”
* Historical Stone Parish Church
* Binongkalan Beach Resort
* Duyan Hot Spring
* Padre Miguel de Jesus Park

Cebu Festivals

Bodbod Festival 10th Of February (Catmon)
The town of Catmon is famous for its tasty “bodbod” and thus is the focus of the festival. The street dancing competition is participated by the different barangays

Places to eat in Catmon

Las Flores has a restaurant and their are only a few places in town selling street bbq food.

Cebu to Catmon

transportCatmon is accessible by V-hires or busses from the Cebu North Terminal in Cebu City. Estimated travel time is about 2 hours.


mapThe name Catmon is claimed to be after of a tree, During the early period of Spanish regime in Cebu, the leaders of the Conquistadores once asked the natives who were sheltering under a big catmon tree watching their carabaos enjoying the cool noon bath, as to what is the name of the place. Thinking that the Spaniards was asking for the name of the tree answered ,”Catmon”. Thus the town was organized in 1835 and named Catmon.


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