Carcar is located in the south of Cebu around 40 kms away from the City.

Pension Houses in Carcar

attractionsCarcar only has a couple of pension house to stay at but being so close to Cebu City its easy to stay in the city and make the trip down to Carcar.

Attractions in Carcar

attractionsCarcar has some fine old colonial houses that are worth looking at as well as St.Catherine Of Alexandra Church. If you’re travelling by bus to Moalboal or other parts of Cebu’s south you will pass Carcar and you will not be able to escape the sellers of Carcars famous chicharon. It must be one of the most unhealthiest snacks in the Philippines, pig fat that’s been fried crispy in oil. Carcar has a thriving shoe making industry but other than that Carcar doesn’t really hold a great deal of interest for the tourist.


Cebu Festivals

Kabkaban Festival (Carcar, Cebu)

Celebrated on  fourth week of November in honour of the town’s patron, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Carcar comes alive with street dancing and a parade named after the fern in the area.


Eating in Carcar

attractionsCarcar has many barbeque options and it also has a Jollibee.


Cebu to Carcar

transportTo get to Carcar from Cebu City take a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal on N Bacalso Avenue ( you can either take buses heading to Bato or Moalboal as they all pass Carcar) and it will take approx an hour.


mapCarcar has had many name changes in its history, the Chinese traders 1st calling it Sialo (from the saying no money, still no money). The Spanish later re named the town Valladolid, then again changed to KabKab (after the plant ferns in the area) and then renamed Carcar by a Spanish priest in honour of his hometown.


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