Boljoon is located around 100 kms south of Cebu City.

Its a pretty little town in Cebu’s southern coast and has one of Cebu’s most famous churches – Boljoon Church.

Resorts in Cebu – Boljoon

Boljoon and the surrounding  offers some decent beach resorts in Cebu’s south.

Things To See and Do

* Watchtower Ruins at Ilihan
* Church Plaza
* Boljoon Municipal Hall
* Poblacion Spring
* Watchtower Near the River
* Baziliza Getubig Residence
* Boljoon Bridge
* Tereso Pasaul


Cebu Festivals

The annual town fiesta in honor of Nuestra Señora Patrocinio de Maria, is celebrated with great vigor and plenty of fireworks, fall in every second Friday and Saturday of November each year.


Places to eat

Boljoon is a small town and there are a couple places to eat in town, mainly in the form of barbeque street food.


How To Get Here

transportBoljoon can be reached by public buses or V-Hires (vans) from the Cebu South Terminal in Cebu City with an estimated travel time of about 3 hours.


mapHistorical records reveal at least five renditions of the name of the town. It is referred as Bolhon, Bolhong, Bolhoon, Bolhoong, and the current name and spelling of “Boljoon”. A sixth one is that of Bolojon which was attributed to an error in copying. The area was apparently on the mission areas in Cebu when the first parish was founded in Bantayan in 1580 and possibly was erected as a parish only in 1692, based on existing records. It is not, however, a remote possibility that a church may indeed have been built before the close of the 15th century.


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