It’s a little paradise called Bohol

Discover the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Bohol.

Video guide to Bohol best tourist spots.

The natives call it “God’s Little Paradise.”  When you get off the plane (or boat), after those same natives yell “Maayong pag abot sa Bohol!” (“Welcome to Bohol!”), you just might agree.  On this small island, part of the Visayas Island chain in the middle of the Philippines, you’ll see vast white-sand beaches, astounding coral reefs replete with tropical life, those big eyed but little cute tarsiers, historic churches, gloriously green mountain ranges (including the stunning Chocolate Hills), waterfalls, cliffs, tiny inlets with little villages  For such a small island, Bohol is packed with dozens of must see tourist attractions.

If you arrive in Bohol by ferry just outside the tourist office at the pier is a sign board is the Tourist Transport Rates, it tells the rates you should be paying for transfer to the resorts in Panglao or Anda and prices for a tour of Bohol. As there is so much to see in Bohol, the tours may need to be negotiated to include the tourist spots you would like to do, but use the sign board for a guide to prices. A transfer from the pier to Panglao drivers usually give you a discount to the rates of the board. Expect to pay (one way) P500 for car/van, tricycle P250 and a motorbike around P200, the trip is around 30 – 40 mins. If your heading to Anda (other than the van/car or prearranged with the resort) you can head to the bus station in Tagbilaran where a bus will cost around P 100.00 but you will need then to transfer to a tricycle to take you to the resorts. V-Hire operate out of the bus station as well and costs around P 130.00 but they will drop you at the resort.


Resorts in Bohol

One of the top resorts in Bohol – The Bellevue Resort. Read more and get rates on this resort here

Henann Resort on Alona Beach Bohol

Bohol resorts are among the finest in the world.  Head on to Panglao Island for the greatest concentration of resorts (and most popular) with some of Bohol’s best beaches. Here they maintain native bungalows, air-cooled by the glorious oceans, and maintained with every amenity you could wish for. For 5 star luxury resorts in Bohol, look at the clifftop Amorita ResortPanglao Blue Water Beach Resort (sister hotel of Maribago Bluewater Resort on Mactan and the beautiful Sumilon Bluewater Resort in the south of Cebu) or you might venture to Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa with a beautiful infinity pool is one of the most luxurious hotels in the islands, with glorious luxury villas available. Just in case the villas of Eskaya Beach aren’t your cup of tea, Alona Beach has plenty of other options to keep any tourist happy. Mid priced resorts like The Oasis ResortAlona Kew White Beach Resort or Hayahay are worth a look. Try the ever popular Bohol Beach Club, located right on some spectacular white powdery beach sand, where they have elegant dining overlooking the sea. Try one of their special cocktails at the bar, as you watch the colourful and vibrant sunset over the water.

South Palms Resort in Bohol

Resorts in Anda Bohol

Video guide to places to stay in Anda Bohol

Anda on the eastern side of Bohol is and area growing in popularity with tourists coming to Bohol.  The beaches around Anda are some of the best in Bohol (see video) and it’s not surprising in recent times there have been a lot of new resorts popping up in the Anda area. Most of these resorts are pretty small and the whole area is a lot more quiet than the less”touristy”  than the popular Alona Beach area on Panglao Island. I find the resorts a few kms away from Anda Town a higher standard than the ones in town. Although the resorts around Anda Town offer better value. The nicer resorts a few kilometers out of Anda Town Anda White Beach Resort, Vitamin Sea Resort and J&R Residence. Other resorts near here include La Petra Beach Resort, Casa Amihan, Flower Beach Resort, Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa, Blue Star Dive Resort. In Town there are a number of accommodation options, one of the most popular is Anda de Boracay in Bohol Hotel right on the beach. A number of more budget friendly options are available in the likes of Anda Global Beach Resort (cell 09077 951286), Little Miami Beach Resort, Anda Longbeach Resort (cell 09157409209, 09494878052), Anda Lodge (Cell 0999 480 8055) and R & S Seaside Accommodation (Cell 0939039228).
Hayahay Resort Bohol

Lost Horizon Beach Dive Resort

Alona Kew White Beach Resort Bohol

Anda White Beach Resort

Dumaluan Beach Resort

—–>See All


Tour Bohol

Balicasag Island Guide. For more details click here.

During the early morning, one of the true Bohol attractions is dolphin and/or whale watching.  A number of professional former whalers, who decided to pursue a more humane lifestyle, conduct boat tours to the likely spots where these frolicsome animals cavort and play for you. A morning tour including the dolphin watching, a trip to Balicasag Island where you can do some awesome snorkelling (P 150 entry and guide per pax, pay extra for snorkel P 150, boots P 150) with the fish (see video) and make a stop on Virgin Island. The resort your staying at and many touts on the beach can organise these trips. Or enter the stunning adventure of E.A.T. Danao, the adventure park featuring free fall plunges over cliffs, as well as (for spectators as well as participants) some of the wildest heart pounding zip line riding ever! Loboc Eco Tourism Adventure Park (tel 038 510 6254/537 9292/537 9308 or mobile 091 87256 108) also offers some thrill seeking zip line (P 350 per pax) and cable car rides (p 250 per pax).

Bohol Earthquake Tour Video

Day tours of the island can be arranged by your hotel as well as the many touts you will meet on your arrival to Bohol. Expect to pay around between 1800 – 2500 PHP for a guided tour to take in the most popular tourist attractions in Bohol. Since the earthquake in 2013 another popular way to tour Bohol is to see the earthquake effected areas. I used a guy by the name of Ronnie (cell 09063343357) which you can see in the video. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to compare prices due to my tight schedule I arrived after 8 pm and needed to do the tour first thing the next morning.  I paid 3500 PHP for the tour which I’m sure is on the higher price level. I’m sure prices could be negotiated under 3000. Anyhow don’t pay more than 3500. Another reputable company is Bohol Travel Buddy you will need to contact them directly for a quote. Most days tours of Bohol will take in the sight of the amazing Chocolate Hills , over 1200 hillocks made by natural forces.  Incredibly, these limestone hills are all approximately the same size and shape, as if created by the hands of giants long departed (if this legend were true, it would be a sheer effort surpassing the building of the Egyptian pyramids). Geologists to this day are unsure of the composition of the Chocolate hills (which get their name from their dark chocolate colouring, most obvious in the dry season), or how they came to be formed.   They are a marvel for the eyes, however. Visit the Blood-Compact Site, where a subsequent explorer, Legazpi, made peace with the native chieftain by mutual blood-drinking. Check out one of the oldest stone Churches in the Philippines- Baclayon Church. Hop on the Loboc river cruise (for lunch), a dining experience that takes in the jungle sights (brace yourself for the Tarsier, one of the smallest primates in the world). Or dare to enter the cage with the largest snake in Bohol!

Visit the gorgeous Pamilacan Island – One of the top island hopping trips from Bohol

More?  You can scuba dive, sail or snorkel around the coral reefs, and take look at the most glorious undersea salt water creatures in the world. Or if you prefer a slightly more relaxed time of it, head for Alona Beach (if you’re not already there!), where the soft sea waves and the gloriously warm sands welcome you and your party members to relax and enjoy the soothing surf. Or how about the Bohol Bee Farm where you can tour this popular tourist spot in Panglao. Here you can take a tour of the farm and educate yourself on bees or dine on some organic food at their famous restaurant. Stay overnight at the Bohol Bee Farm or visit their website for more details on this unique farm in Bohol.

Lamanok Island Mystic Island Experience Tour

Open 8.00 am – 3 pm

Estimated tour time : 3 hours

Tour rate: 300 PHP

If you’re staying in beautiful Anda. Visit Lamanok Island for one of the Mystic Tours. Learn about Filipino Folklore and history in this fascinating tour.  The caves in Lamanok where visited by spiritual healers who preformed rituals to heal the sick. As well as having burial cave with boat coffins and burial jars. Please see video for more details.



Video guide to the Bohol Bee Farm Tour

These are only a few of the stunning attractions at Bohol. Maybe now you can see why calling it “God’s Little Paradise” might be an understatement.


Bohol comes alive with Festivals in the month of May – the time flowers and trees are in full bloom.



Places to eat in Bohol

Along Alona Beach there are plenty of options with many restaurants lined the shores serving up fresh delicious seafood and many international cuisines, all within walking distance of each other.


How to get to Bohol

How to get from Cebu Airport to the pier to catch the ferry to Bohol

If your coming from Cebu you will most likely be taking a fast craft boat which takes around 2 hours into Tagbilaran pier. I prefer to use Supercat (part of 2Go Travel)  (tel (+63 2) 5287000) has 3 daily services (dep Cebu 8.45am/2.00pm/6.40pm) regular one way 625P for tourist class/ 825P for Business class. Check their website for latest rates and promos. Ocean Jet offer numerous daily trips (dep Cebu 6.00am/8.00am/9.20 am/11.40am/2.00pm/4.20pm/6.35pm) regular price one way 800 P for tourist, 1000 P Business class. Weesamexpress (Tel (032) 412 9562/231 7737/092 28660347) 3 times daily (dep. Cebu 9.00am/2pm/6.30pm) These companies have regular promo fares so check directly or on their websites.

From Manila (terminal 2) Philippine Airlines (PAL) flies 3 times daily to Tagbilaran (Bohol) 1 hour 20 minutes (dep 5.30am/8.50am/3.00pm) check airline direct for updated schedules and prices. Cebu Pacific flies direct from Manila twice daily (8.25am/12.10pm). Air Phil Express twice daily (9.45am/11.50am changing to 1.30pm from Aug 18)

*Please check directly with ferry and airline companies for the latest schedules and updates as they can change without notice. All rates quoted are subject to change without notice.


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