Bogo City

Bogo City – the last stop before Malapascua and Bantayan Island

Bogo is the last major town in Cebu’s north, it’s located around 100 km north of Cebu CIty.

Bogo Pension Houses, hotels and resorts

Video of the resorts in Bogo

Bogo has a couple options in town mainly in the form of pension houses as well as the famous Nailon Beach Resort 10 minutes out of town.

Bogo Park Lodge

Nailon Beach Resort Bogo

Bogo Pension House

Northomes Pensione, Bogo

Hisoler’s Beach Resort


Things to see and do in Bogo

Bogo hasn’t got that much in the way of tourist sites, it’s more of a transit town to pick up last minute supplies on your way to Bantayan Island, Malapascua or San Remegio. It may be your last chance for getting some cash out of the bank if your going onto Malapascua (they don’t have ATMs there yet). If your stopping here you’re more than likely be staying at the Nailon Beach Resort.

Cebu Festivals

Pintos Festival

Held 26th – 27th May every year. The dance is the story of making of the pintos a delicacy famous in Bogo and is a celebration of life and a tribute to thier Patron Saint  St. Vincent Ferrer.

Bogo Restaurants

Not a lot outside the hotels here, Pizza Point opposite Bogo Park makes some decent pizzas. For fast food Bogo has a branch of Jollibee in the main street.

Cebu to Bogo

Bogo City is accessible by land and sea transportation. It can be reached by public buses or V-Hires (vans) from the Cebu North Terminal in Cebu City with an estimated travel time of about 3 hours. Catching a bus expect to pay around 135 P for aircon and 120 P for the regular non aircon bus.


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