Barili – Mantayupan Falls awaits

Video Guide to Mantayupan Waterfalls in Cebu

Video guide to some of Cebu’s most beautiful falls.

Visit the Beautiful Mantayupan Falls in Barili

Barili is home to one of Cebu’s lesser known waterfalls – Mantayupan Falls.  The falls were effected by some sink holes a number of years ago which caused the waterfalls to basically dry up. Thankfully this has been fixed. There are 2 layers to the falls, both are easy to reach and a pleasant walk. Not as touristy as Cebu’s Kawasaan Falls but still pretty nice to visit. Mantayupan Falls makes for a nice day trip if you are staying in Moalboal. I did hire a motorbike from Moalboal and it took around 1 hour.  Entrance fee to Mantayupan Falls is 10 PHP plus parking fees. See video for more details. Barili is mainly a farming area and is located in Cebu’s south, about 60 kms from the city. If you’re travelling to Moalboal the buses stop here.


Accommodation in Barili

Barili only has a branch of the Shamrock Pension house (tel 63 32 470-9235, 255-2900) located above the Shamrock bake house, the place in which buses going to and from Moalboal take a pit stop.


Things to see and do in Barili

A must see when coming to Barili is Mantayupan Falls, it may not be as well known as Kawasan Falls further south in Cebu, but it is equally as beautiful. You won’t be harassed by so the called guides all wanting to take you Pesos. The falls are less commercialised  than Kawasan.  I’ve been there a couple of times during the week and the place has been empty of tourist. Weekends or holidays you’ll probably encounter more tourists. I like the serenity of the place, peaceful with just the sounds of rushing water. If you want to take a dip, be prepared that the waters are icy cold! But on a hot day it’s pretty refreshing . There are 2 levels of falls, the higher one being the more spectacular, enjoy a cool refreshing swim in its pool below the falls. To get to Mantayupan Falls just catch a motorbike, habal habal drivers are just across the street from the Shamrock bake house (the place where the bus stops).  The cost for the ride one way is around 30 PHP.  Mantayupan Falls open at 7am and close at 5 pm. Check out my video guide to this waterfall in Cebu. Another place of interest is Sayaw Beach a beautiful little stretch of white beach sand.


Cebu Festivals

Barili celebrates the Kaumahan Festival it celebrates a thanks giving to God for a bountiful harvest in street dancing and music. It’s held on the 25th July annually.


How to get to Barili

Barili can be reached by public buses or V-Hire (heading to Moalboal or further south) from the Cebu South Terminal in Cebu City with an estimated travel time of about 1 1/2 hours.


History of Barili

The word Barili comes from the name of a local grass called balili. The municipality was founded in 1632, though the parish of Barili was established in 1614. A cross was planted by Spaniards led by Captain Juan Juarado at their arrival at 1602, and still exists today.

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