Badian – Enjoy the beauty of Kawasan Falls


Video guide to Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls

Badian is just past Moalboal heading south from Cebu City. This part of Cebu boasts some of Cebu’s finest natural wonders. Not only do you have Cebu’s best and most famous waterfall (Kawasan Falls), you can enjoy a round of golf (Green Island Golf and Resort) with a tropical ocean as your backdrop (it’s a resort as well so you can overnight here and its own private beach). 10 minutes past the golf course you have Green Island Beach, a decent enough beach with white sand and no entrance fee! The beach isn’t very developed, and there is just a simple sari store here. If you’re staying in Moalboal, Badian is easy reachable (around 20 minutes by motorbike) and you can see these attractions on a day trip in case you’re tired of all the diving.

Resorts in Badian

Badian Island Resort and Spa is the most famous resort in the area. The resort is actually on a Badian Island a few minutes boat ride from Cebu Island offing luxury and serenity in a beautiful part of Cebu.

Terra Manna Camping and Resort

Badian Island Resort and Spa


Things to see and do in Badian

Kawasan Falls is a must to see one of Cebu’s most spectacular waterfalls. Kawasan Falls has become even more popular with the canyoneering down this river. See the video guide above for more details.  From the main road it’s around a 20-30 minute walk alone a trail that follows the Matutinao River. The walk is pleasant as its shaded by the tropical green growth. Guides will offer to take you up to the falls, but honestly they’re not really needed. If you do use them  200 – 300 P is enough. Kawasan Falls is made up of 3 levels, the first level being the most popular. The pool under the falls is a refreshing cool and great for taking a swim. The second level (another 10 minute walk) offers another place to swim and chill out under some cottages. As with most tourist attractions in Cebu, it can get busy and crowded on the weekend. If your staying in Moalboal, Kawasan Falls is easy to reach, some resorts offer day trips or if your more adventurous you can just catch a bus from the main highway or even rent a motorbike and ride there yourself, from Cebu City see below. For golfers there is Cebu International Golf Course (also know as Green Island Golf Course and resort) which is a beach resort as well as 18 hole golf course. The resorts guests are primary Korean. Just 10 minutes past the golf course is Green Island Beach, a little less know public beach. Its free to swim here


Banig Festival Fiesta celebrated in Badian Cebu in the Month of July.


How to get to Badian

Badian can be reached by public buses or V-Hires (vans) from the Cebu South Terminal in Cebu City with an estimated travel time of about 3 hours.

History of Badian

The name “Badian” was derived for the plant called “Badyang” which used to be abundant long ago. In due time, the name “Badyang” was applied to the whole community. For convenience, since the Spaniards found it difficult to pronounce the name, they dropped the “G” and changed “Y” to “I”, thus the name Badian.

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