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Argao is located in the south eastern part of Cebu around 67 km away from Cebu City making it an easy place to get to from the city. If you wishing to stay here there are plenty of resorts in Argao to stay at, including cottages and a castle! 

Video guide to Argao’s tourist spots and review of Acasia Pension House

Argao Resorts


attractionsArgao is popular for its beach resorts around and near Mahayahay Beach and it also has the unusual Riverstone Castle which is built a little out of town. For cheaper or longer stay there are a couple of pension houses in Argao. Listed below are the accommodation options and Argao resorts.

Argao Tourist Attractions

attractionsArgao has some nice beaches to swim and are popular for day trippers from the city. Most popular is the brown sand beaches of Mahayahay Beach. Cottages here can be rented from 250P per day (contact 09 321 238 641) they also rent Tourist 1 and 2 buildings (as in video). Rainbow Hauz (see video) and the 2 fan rooms (each good for 8 people) can be rented for 1500 (fan rooms) and for the aircon Rainbow Hauz for 3000 P ( tel 485 8285 or 0917 853 6782 or 0922 823 0911). Riverstone Castle was built by a Belgium artist and is a replica of a medieval castle complete with battlements and drawbridge. It has a restaurant, mini zoo and pool. Riverstone also has rooms for overnight stays. Argao Nature Park is a place to get away with the family. Activities include rock climbing, zipline and boating on the lake. Also worth seeing is the towns church, San Miguel Archangel Parish (and its adjoining museum). If you like a bit of adventure, try heading up into the mountains to see Bugasok Falls. There is nothing in the way of tourist infrastructure there, nor is there any road signage to get there. I rented a habal habal driver from the Argao market. If you haven’t been before I think that’s the best option. There is a small tourist office at the main plaza.

Argao also has one of the largest caves in Cebu the “Balay Sa Agta”.

Cebu Festivals

*Pitlagong Festival 26th of September (Argao) A festival in celebration of the local townsfolk lives . The Pitlagong is a tool used for cleaning a bamboo container for coconut wine which gives its special flavour.

Argao Restaurants

attractionsMost of the resorts have their own restaurants, if you plan to eat out in town there are a couple of local cuisine restaurants. Also along the beach strip is a number of Barbeque stalls selling cheap dishes.

Cebu to Argao

transportBuses leave for Argao every hour from Cebu’s Southern Bus Terminal (approx 2 hours ). Pay around 79 P for the regular bus and around 83 P for the aircon bus.

History of Argao

mapWhen Argao was still a wilderness with only few people living far from each other, a certain kind of tree called “sali-argaw” grew abundantly along its coasts. They became landmarks for fishermen on their fishing expeditions and serves as a haven on stormy days. These trees were so towering they could be seen while yet on the strait of Bohol. The town was named after these trees. Argao is described as one of the most interesting places in the province for its public stone buildings roofed with tiles and for its ovens used for the baking of bricks and tiles. Many of these Argao-made bricks and tiles found their way to Cebu City where they were used in elite houses. It is one of the few towns that still manages to keep alive the old Spanish flavor. This is evident not only from its old church, but also from its venerable houses made of tisa.


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