Alegria is some 120 kms south of Cebu City. Once called Tubod after a freshwater spring in the area.

Resorts in Alegria

Alegria has a couple choices of accommodation, as well as Sun Xi Resort which is a mountain resort in the area.

Costa De Leticia Resort & Spa

Lucci Pension House Alegria


Alegria Attactions

Alegria is situated on a picturesque part of southern Cebu. Along the coast here there are some old Spanish watch towers as well as its near Kawasan Falls, which can easy be done as a day trip from Alegria

Mt. Lanayan provides some great mountain trekking and beautiful views over Tañon Strait. While nature lovers can also enjoy the beauty of Kambais Falls and Montpeller Falls

Explore the Salay Caves, trips can be organised with locals.

Tubod Spring, the place in which Alegria supposedly got its name from (see below).

St. Francis Xavier Church built in 1857 in honour of the towns’ patron saint, St. Francis Xavier.

The ruins of the Bantayan Sa Hari watchtower, built as a defence against pirates.


Cebu Festivals

Kawayan Festival – This festival is held on the 2nd December every year. Kawayan means bamboo, a resource important to the local area for livelihood and income. Street dancing revolves around the bamboo theme, while at the same time the town honours its patron Saint Francis Javier.


Places To Eat

Cosina Organica (tel 32 583 8884) serves up organic food.


How To Get Here

Alegria can be reached by any public vehicles, either busses or V-hires (vans) from the Cebu South Terminal in Cebu City. The travel may take 3-4 hour drive from the main city.



Alegria was orginally known as Tubod after a spring that provided water for the town. Some Spanish soldiers coming across the spring at a time when locals where enjoying a celebration around the springs exlaimed “Que alegre”! (how happy).


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