Alcoy is in Cebu’s south some 93 kms from Cebu City.

Alcoy Resorts

Voda Krasna Beach Resort

Alcoy has a number of resorts on its beautiful Tingko Beach, which is probably of one Cebu’s most underrated beaches in the south. Voda Krasna Beach Resort has the prime location overlooking Tingko Beach, you can rent the couple villas on top of the hill or for more budget conscience try it’s cottages that have been built on top of some huge boulders along the beach. Antig Tingko Beach Resort (see video) next door to Voda (on the beach) offers some more basic (and cheaper) options, rooms (fan, cold water) go for P 1100 a night or you can rent their open air cottages  P 800.00. (tel +63 32 483 9298). It gets busy on the weekends though. Up the other side of Tingko Beach is a “beach house” which has 2 (adjoining) rooms (see video) with balcony and can be rented overnight (P 800.00) rooms are basic (fan). Cel 092 821 23525. Bodo’s Bamboo Bar Resort (Triple B Resort previously known as BBR) is a little down the road (not on a beach) has a nice view overlooking the ocean and a decent restaurant. Another option is the newly opened Meili Beach Resort. Villa Rosa is another small resort or check out Narrapark Resort for one of the largest swimming pools in the area as well as a good view from the hills . Below has more details of these resorts in Alcoy.

Things To See and Do in Alcoy

Tingko Beach is what most people come to Alcoy for, a beautiful little strip of beach. If you’re tired of the beach, not far from Tingko Beach is an old Spanish watchtower, today its more used as a giant pot plant! St. Rose of Lima Church The church dedicated to the town’s patron saint, found in Alcoy town. For divers Alcoy offers some nearby dive spots (Sumilon Island, Siquijor, Balicasag Island and Cabilao). Dive Point Alcoy offers experienced dives as well as accommodation. If you want to see the Oslob whale sharks, Alcoy is less than one hour drive away and makes a great alternative than the 3 hours drive from Cebu City.



Siloy Festival Last Saturday of August (Alcoy) The festival promotes the Mag-abo forest with its famous Black Shama or Siloy, the town’s scenic white sand beaches and dive spots and in honor of the town’s patroness Saint Rose of Lima.

Places To Eat

Try Bodo’s Bamboo Bar Resort a popular restaurant in the area. It has a great view overlooking the ocean as well.


How To Get Here

transportTaking a bus should take you just over 2 hours. Catch the bus from Cebu City at the Southern Bus Terminal. For a regular bus it will cost around 109 P and for an aircon bus around 114 P.


mapAlcoy was once a part of Dalaguete. Its old name was Mambaje. It became a municipal corporate by a provincial decree on July 16, 1897. Roberto Medellin was appointed as its first captain. The parish was established in 1890. Fathers Bartolome and P.L. Fernandez were responsible for the construction of the church and convent. Both priests also set about the excavation of three wells, to provide the town with potable water. Juan Mosqueda who served from 1869 to 1872 was considered an outstanding capitan because he was responsible for setting local disputes among the people. Padre Romanes was also another capitan whom the people loved because of his concern and courage. He suppressed the abuses of the friars during the Spanish times and because of him, forced labor was discontinued. On January 1, 1917, Mr. Sixto Niere was chosen as the first elected municipal president. Its first parish priest, a Spaniard, noted the unusual resemblance of the town both in its provincial and pristine charm and its smallness to a place in Spain called Alcoy. He proposed that Mambaje be renamed after the province in southern Spain.


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